Places to Run in DFW


You can never have too many options when choosing where to run. 

Bob Woodruff Park is a community park with paved trails.

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The scenic Campion Trail offers an eclectic mixture of natural and urban views as it travels through the Dallas suburb of Irving. Currently, the trail is comprised of separate north and south sections that together total 7 miles of wide, flat and paved pathway.  

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Home to the LGRAW Running Club

Located just northwest of the airport, Lake Grapevine offers trail running as well as paved running. There are a number of trails to choose from depending your distance choice.  

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Historical Trail 

Located near downtown Dallas, the Katy Trail is linking the people and places of Dallas in a powerful new way. The Trail runs from the West End and the American Airlines Center arena in the south, through the heart of urban Dallas to Knox Street and SMU in the north.

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Home to the dallas running club 

Located at Northwest Highway (Loop 12), just east of Central Expressway, White Rock Lake has a pleasant setting and park trails which amount to 9.10 miles for one loop. Runners come from all over the metroplex to train and run races held at the lake. 

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